Travis Jacobs

Balancing the Beauty and the Bull$h*t: Carving a space on a painful planet

For anyone exhausted from the unbalanced weight of life’s bullshit. These tools didn’t fully heal me but they did help me to find peace and pleasure among the pain and suffering. If that’s what you are seeking, I hope you find the same.

Limes & Lions: Grief Reflections from the Desert

 Not a book for everyone. This book is for anyone searching for people who say it like it is, write it like it was, and cuss out loud at how it will never be the same. 

Winged Words: A Rhythmic Walk in the Wind

Tragically clever rhythmic reflections of the beauty and the bullshit we all experience

Wolves & Words: A Rhythmic Walk in the Woods

Not an International Bestseller!

Cage Free Poetry

 It’s like a rhythmic Mr. Rogers audio casserole adventure mixed with a Mya Angelou vibe and a dash of Dr. Seuss and Eazy-E-ish free-range fun for everyone.

Rhythm Wisdom: The Endangered Humans' Traveling Guide

Easily digestible and enjoyable material for the mind, body, and spirit.

Make Noise

8 artistic rhythmic tracks designed to hustle hope, healing, humor, and a hi-five to the human experience.

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